Construction Process.

Burchfield & Thomas Management Organization

Our organization structure of the Management Team comprises of Communication!  The most critical aspect in any type of management agency.  Burchfield & Thomas office will provide the necessary qualified back-up communication support for the field office.  Together they form the administrative manpower to call, write and visit the Owner, Architect, contractor, jobsite, etc.  By incorporating our expertise in construction, construction management, design, budgeting, value engineering, scheduling, contractor/supplier relationship, regulatory agencies relationship, maintaining records and quality control, we can communicate with all parties in a professional and knowledgeable manner.  Burchfield & Thomas Inc. will review all plans during the construction phase and advise on site, foundations, systems, materials, construction feasibility, installation construction costs, relative cost and provide recommendations to the Owner and the Architect for economies where appropriate.  These cost comparisons will assist the Architect in achieving the optimum balance between cost, maintainability and function.

Constructability Review

General considerations during this review include the availability of material and labor necessary to build the job.  We will make sure that design documents are clear and understandable and that the logistics of the site are suitable for layout and that site restrictions are taken into account.


Proposed construction duration will be verified for adequacy and any phasing or sequencing of operations is verified as reasonable.  General provisions will insure that contract documents, bid options and unit prices are logical and are relevant to the project expectations.


Specific and Technical provisions of the constructability review will examine the design documents to insure compatibility of the proposed building systems and the construction details.


Design task and technical criteria are analyzed to determine if alternatives could improve the project’s value.  Our review during the construction documents phase looks for overly complicated or restrictive systems that can be replaced with standardized components and possibly minimizing quantities of materials necessary to achieve similar results.


Burchfield & Thomas believes that our constructability review should generate possible design alternatives for methods, materials and construction techniques that will result in reduced construction costs or reduced operation and maintenance costs.


Estimating and Cost Controls

Burchfield & Thomas sole responsibility is to provide accurate costs for your project.  The project manager in charge of your project will also be heavily involved with this process.  Our "in-house" data banks include current pricing of material, labor, equipment, etc.


After receiving schematic plans or updated plans, it normally takes two weeks to provide an accurate estimate.  Depending on the complexity of the drawings, more time could be necessary.


Burchfield &Thomas, Inc. will provide a pre-preliminary estimate from the design concept and building size information.  As soon as Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Drawings are approximately 80% complete, we can produce an estimate that will become closer to actual anticipated costs.  We will continually up-date this estimate and make recommendations as to the feasibility and constructability in accordance to updated plans and specifications as they become available.  This continuing monitoring of estimating project costs keeps your project designed within your budget.


Burchfield & Thomas will provide periodic reviews of the design and proposed changes to the design concept.  These reviews will identify differences between the cost estimate and the current estimates and serves as a basis for evaluating these differences.


Burchfield & Thomas will maintain an accounting system that provides data on the original cost of each contract, any changes, the final cost and a comparison to the original budget.  The accounting system can also provide a forecast of anticipated cash flow projections.


“Value Engineering” -  Burchfield & Thomas, Inc. will review all plans continuously during the construction phase and advise on site, foundations, systems, materials, construction feasibility, installation construction costs, relative cost and provide recommendations to the Owner for economies where appropriate.  These cost comparisons will assist the Owner in achieving the optimum balance between cost, maintainability and function.


Bidding Services.


A major part of the pre-construction phase is the bid and award plan by which Burchfield & Thomas, Inc. will generate interest in the market, how we assemble our bid documents and the evaluation of bids and recommending awards.


Burchfield & Thomas will stimulate bidder interest among subs and suppliers in order to obtain the best prices for your project.  This will be accomplished through an extensive phone solicitation of companies that Burchfield & Thomas has in its data bank, through general solicitation in trade data banks, through general solicitation in trade publications, plan review houses, and area sources of information.  Burchfield & Thomas, Inc. will solicit a minimum of three bids for each of the various categories. This will consist of:

  • Contacting subcontractors in each work category during the pre-construction phase to interest them in bidding on your project.

  • Distributing the documents to bidding subcontractors.

  • Conducting pre-bid conferences with the prospective bidders to restate the various project requirements and to answer questions concerning the construction documents and bidding procedures.


Burchfield & Thomas, Inc.’s review of the design documents will enable us to establish the actual number of bid packages that will be appropriate for this project. By fully scrutinizing the design documents we will eliminate misinterpretation from the subs and suppliers that pursue the bid packages.  A pre-bid conference to clarify the intent of the bid documents and answer questions will eliminate unnecessary confusion and possible protest. Burchfield &Thomas will inform all bidding subcontractors about the basic work requirements and help them to determine the scope of their work.

Bid Packages

By understanding how the contractors prefer to limit their scope of work, we separate the different Divisions and Sections of work so as to maximize contractor work forces on the project and keep these bid packages in dollar sizes for competitive bidding.  These bid packages will be such that any urgent upfront work will be packaged and bid if necessary to allow a quicker start on the construction schedule.

Receive and Evaluate Bids

Burchfield &Thomas will receive all bids jointly with the Owner Representative and the Architect.  Each bid will be recorded and evaluated. The apparent low bidders will be interviewed to determine the validity and completeness of their proposals.  Burchfield &Thomas will prepare a list of recommended subcontractors for each category of work for review and approval.  If necessary we will repeat the bid process for any package that does not meet the anticipated budget.


Construction Contracts

Once approval is reached between the Owner representatives, the Architect and the Construction Manager, regarding acceptance of the best bids, Burchfield & Thomas will prepare contracts for each category of work.  We will also execute purchase orders for the material to be purchased directly by the Owner.


Sales Tax Savings

The Owner’s sales tax savings is of the utmost importance.  The Burchfield & Thomas Process is in accordance with the Department of Revenue and would apply the same process when working for the Kentucky Department of Education.  Burchfield & Thomas will prepare ‘material only’ bid packages so that the Owner can realize that sales tax savings through direct purchase orders.  This is accomplished by issuing Purchase Orders through the sales tax entity (project owner).  This practice is in accordance with all state laws.


Phase Services.


The Construction Phase is considered to begin with the signing of the first contract with a contractor.  At this time Burchfield & Thomas will provide administrative management and related services as required to coordinate work of the contractors with each other and with the activities and responsibilities of the

Construction Manager, the Owner and the Architects to complete the Project in accordance with the Owner's objectives for cost, time and quality.  Burchfield & Thomas will provide sufficient organization, personnel and management to carry out the requirements of this Agreement.


We will schedule and conduct meetings to discuss such matters as procedures, progress, problems and scheduling. Meeting minutes will be prepared and promptly distributed.


Consistent with the Project Construction Schedule issued with the Bidding Documents, the construction schedule incorporating the activities of the Contractors on the Project will be established.  This schedule will include activity sequences and durations, allocation of labor and materials, processing of shop drawings, product data and samples, and delivery of products requiring long lead-time procurement.  The Owner's occupancy requirements showing portions of the project having occupancy priority will be reflected.  The Project Construction Schedule as required to show current conditions and revisions required by actual experience will be updated periodically.


Burchfield & Thomas will endeavor to achieve satisfactory performance from each of the Contractors.  We recommend courses of action to the Owner when requirements of a Contract are not being fulfilled, and the non-performing party will not take satisfactory corrective action.


As construction managers Burchfield & Thomas will provide regular monitoring of the approved estimate of Construction Cost, showing actual costs for activities in progress and estimates for uncompleted tasks.  We identify variances between actual and budgeted or estimated costs, and advise the Owner and the Architect whenever projected costs exceed budgets or estimates.


Burchfield & Thomas will also recommend necessary or desirable changes to the Architect and the Owner, review requests for changes, assist in negotiating Contractor's proposals, submit recommendations to the Architect and the Owner, and if they are accepted, prepare Change Orders for the Architect's and the Owner's authorization.


Burchfield &Thomas will develop and implement procedures for the review and processing of Applications by Contractors for progress and final payments.  Make recommendations to the Architect for certification to the Owner for payment. Maintain cost accounting records on authorized work performed under unit costs.


Burchfield & Thomas will review the safety programs developed by each of the Contractors as required by their Contract and document and coordinate the safety programs for the Project.


Burchfield & Thomas  / Construction Manager considers each Contractor's Work or a designated portion thereof substantially complete, the Construction Manager shall prepare for the Architect a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items and a schedule for their completion.  The Construction Manager shall assist the Architect in conducting inspections.  After the Architect certifies the Date of Substantial Completion of the Work, the Construction Manager shall coordinate the correction and completion of the Work.


As construction managers Burchfield & Thomas also assist the Architect in determining when the Project or a designated portion thereof is substantially complete.  We will prepare a summary of the status of the work of each Contractor, listing changes in the previously issued Certificates of Substantial Completion of the Work and establishing the schedule within which Contractors shall complete any uncompleted items.


Following the Architect's issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Completion of the Project or designated portion thereof, Burchfield & Thomas will evaluate the completion of the work of the Contractors and make recommendations to the Architect when Work is ready for final inspection.  Burchfield & Thomas personnel will conduct final inspections and secure and transmit to the Owner any required guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds and waivers. We will also deliver all keys, manuals, record drawings and maintenance stocks to the Owner.

Burchfield & Thomas has a sophisticated method of tracking progress during construction and provides documentation in many ways.

We will maintain the following records to keep up with job progress:

          1.  Daily Job Status Report    

          2.  Daily Weather Report

          3.  Daily Manpower Report

          4.  Material Delivery Form

          5.  Contracts & Purchase Orders

          6.  Change Orders

          7.  Supplemental Instructions

          8.  Shop Drawings

          9.  Test Reports

         10.  Contractors and Suppliers Insurance Certificates

         11.  As-Built Drawings

         12.  Safety Records

         13.  Project Schedules

         14.  Progress Meeting Reports

A major item used to track your project is the construction schedule.  Burchfield & Thomas, Inc. Scheduler/Planner has an important role in keeping up with job progress and material delivery.  This information is used to produce the printed schedule.  This schedule is constantly updated to predict potential schedule problems before they can happen.  Your project will progress more efficiently as an end result.


Post Construction Services.



Burchfield & Thomas considers all of our clients to be “perpetual clients”, we will always be here to service their needs.  Directly after the project is completed we will process all closeout documents and administrate all warranties.  Furthermore, we will always stand behind the warranties and coordinate all warranty work that is needed.