Burchfield & Thomas was founded in 1952 on the premise that quality is more than a finished product.  It is a process that begins long before the plans are on paper.  A working partnership, formed with the first handshake, is the basis for successful project completion.

From the spirit of cooperation among crewmembers to the tireless dedication of senior management, our focus on each customer relationship is equaled only by our performance.  When it comes to getting the job done right, we know the importance of teamwork, and our customers have come to depend on the quality we deliver during every phase of a project.



Over the years we have developed a broad range of experience in the construction of industrial, commercial, retail, and institutional facilities.  Our résumé includes small restaurants and churches, as well as multi-million dollar manufacturing operations.  Whether your needs involve minor renovation or a multifaceted construction project, we invite you to take a closer look at our capabilities.  Customer satisfaction is a tradition at Burchfield & Thomas.


Under One Roof

With the variety of methods available today, a general contractor that provides in-house construction services is unique.  Burchfield & Thomas is a full service contractor with a multitude of capabilities; site excavation, concrete work, steel erection, and carpentry are all performed by our experienced craftsmen.  A through working knowledge of each process ensures consistent quality results.  We plan each project with an understanding that is based on years of hands-on experience.  More services under one roof also translates into greater scheduling flexibility and cost control.  We are equally comfortable with the role of construction manager.  The ability to handle comprehensive architectural, engineering, mechanical, and construction details enables Burchfield & Thomas to coordinate your entire project.


Total Project Coordination

Before construction begins, each project is planned and built on paper.  Every square foot of the job is detailed in a set of shop drawings prepared by our management team.  These working plans uncover and solve any potential design or engineering problems.  They also serve as an accurate materials list, so every window, door, and hinge specified in the plans is ordered and on hand when needed.


Consistent Quality Results

We maintain close working relationships with our subcontractors for a high degree of accuracy in electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and other services.  Our experience in each area allows us to recommend the best system for each application.  Only the best subcontractors are hired, those who have met our quality standards time and again.  Burchfield & Thomas assumes complete responsibility for the performance of each member of the workforce - our own as well as all subcontracted employees.  The bottom line is complete personal attention to your structural, scheduling, and budgetary requirements.

Attention to Detail

Burchfield & Thomas maintains a permanent, full-time staff of skilled tradesman, from field superintendents to surveyors, heavy equipment operators, and carpenters.  Most of our employees stay with us for a number of years.  They know they are a integral part of our quality of service, and each carries the responsibility of performing to the highest of standards.  Burchfield & Thomas is prepared to handle the largest projects; but we're not so large that we've lost touch with our staff.  Field crews are assigned to projects based on their expertise and ability to perform in a given environment.  Our hands-on management style also includes weekly site inspections and daily contact between field and office personnel.


Dependable Performance

Our job-site expertise is coupled with the resources to handle the most demanding task.  Unlike many contractors, Burchfield & Thomas owns an extensive fleet of modern, well maintained equipment - stake body and dump trucks, backhoes, excavators, man-lifts, 50- and 85-ton cranes, bobcats, lowboys, tool and office trailers.  We also invest in updated materials and technology on an ongoing basis.  Each tool and piece of equipment is inspected in our 7000 square foot shop and warehouse facilities before being assigned to the next job.  Our full time staff of mechanics also handles field calls in a fully equipped service truck, to minimize down time of equipment.


An Invitation

The steady growth of Burchfield & Thomas is the result of integrity, a sense of value, and pride in our work.  We believe in providing personalized service and hiring talented people with an ability to work toward achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.  Complete dedication to our customers stems from our roots and extends throughout the management staff at Burchfield & Thomas.  May we serve your construction needs?